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About Us

The Company manufactures a wide range of storage batteries from 20 Ah to 280 Ah capacity, covering a reasonable spectrum of applications. The Company has the factory located in West Bengal. The DUTCH Range of Industrial Lead Acid Batteries stand for abundant power, undaunted by the challenge of Indian conditions. All batteries provide power but it takes only DUTCH to perform at peak power, always. This matchless range of batteries for UPS ,inverters, automotive,e-rikshaw and solar applications redefines durability, defies the years and breathes new life to power. Undaunted by the challenge of the Indian roads, they have redefined durability and longevity. As the brand’s equity grew, so did the ambitions. And a new, bold and powerful DUTCH was born. Throughout its long lifespan, the power never drops, come what may. That´s what makes DUTCH batteries so unbeatable.